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Menon has developed a patented process that converts hydrocarbon based sugars from agriculture based raw materials into a functional animal feed ingredient under the brand name MrFeed®. The ingredient not only overcomes anti-nutritional factors but also replaces various grains, animal, fishmeal and other components inside finished feed products.

.....Feed for life

MrFeed® is a revolutionary animal feed ingredient series with a nutritional profile that enables it to replace Fish Meal, Poultry Meal, SPC and Soymeal which are non-sustainable ingredients in animal feed formulations. It provides superior digestibility, survivability, growth and sustainability


MrFeed® has demonstrated superiority over traditional fish meal based shrimp feeds in survivability, growth and disease remediation. This has been demonstrated in both controlled lab tests and third party pond trials in the US, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and China with more testing underway in Indonesia, Panama, Honduras, Peru, and Canada


The application for the ingredients are in Shrimp, Salmon, Trout, other finfish, Chicken and Pigs. To date, the MrFeed® related ingredient product series have shown maximum benefits if included in diets from early stages all across the feeding cycle.

Celtherm™ Technology

Menon's Celtherm™ Technology, is a next generation cellulosic conversion method to produce high value proteins, prebiotics and probiotics to support animal health, immune system response, survivability and growth that is well ahead of competitive developments of ingredients

About Menon

A technology company whose Mission is to help solve the global food problem with environmentally responsible, sustainable and renewable feed products...

Growing Worldwide Demand

aquaculture is a large and growing market with requirements that speak specifically to the attributes of the company’s products

Low Cost of Entry

company’s ability to use agricultural inputs and to repurpose existing fermentation plants provides lower cost production and capital investment

Protected Platform

Global IP has been filed to protect process and ensure future success